The Nine Seas stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.


The Nine Seas band photo

The Nine Seas

Liz Tormes & Fiona McBain

Singer/songwriter/guitarists Liz Tormes and Fiona McBain have been making music together for 20 years and have finally finished their long-awaited album.

Songwriter/storyteller and album co-producer Jim White describes the sound of The Nine Seas:

“Blink your eyes and you’ll think you’re hearing some stellar, white-gospel sister group from long ago conveying plaintive, heartbreaking melodies intricately woven together to create a seamless beguiling whole”.

Their debut album “Dream of Me” was released April 3, 2020.

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The Quarantine Chronicles

The Quarantine Chronicles

A bi-weekly Song Series

Our debut album came out April 3rd, 2020 which was only a couple of weeks after NYC locked down to help stem the COVID crisis. As a result, Fiona and Liz have been remotely recording versions of their songs (as well as their favourite covers), using the Acapella App from their apartments in Brooklyn. 

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